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Three beautiful continents below the equator.
One dazzling swimwear collection.
This is where we drew our inspiration from:
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Life, Oh Life

Hello Africa, tell me how you doin! Here in the motherland we have the largest density and diversity of wild animal population. Wild populations of large carnivores and herbivores range freely on the open plains of our huge continent. Hurry boy, it’s waiting there for you.

africa map
  • #1

    density of wildlife population

  • 2nd

    largest continent in the world

  • 5

    different shades of orange, one perfect swimsuit

  • 6%

    of the Earth’s total surface area

  • 20.4%

    of the Earth’s total land area

Stripes To Remember

The spots and stripes on the bodies of giraffes and zebras help them hide from predators. Every zebra’s stripes have a unique pattern - like the human fingerprint - helping young stallions easily recognize their mothers.


of the land in Africa is mountainous

The Record Holders

  • The Fastest

    animal on earth, the cheetah, can run at up to 120kmh

  • The Heaviest

    animal on earth, The elephant, can weigh up to 6,048kg

  • The Tallest

    animal on earth, the giraffe, can reach a height of 5.7 meters

  • The Largest

    primate on earth, the gorilla, can weigh up to 180kg

  • The Biggest

    bird in the world, the ostrich, has a brain smaller than its eyes

  • The Slickest

    swimsuit in the world, the Weekends at shorts, dry in less than 15 minutes