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Three beautiful continents below the equator.
One dazzling swimwear collection.
This is where we drew our inspiration from:
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Ice, Ice Baby

It’s getting chilly! Here on Earth’s southernmost continent, almost everything (98%) is covered by ice. But despite the crazy weather conditions, it’s home to many types of plants and animals that don’t mind a little breeze.

antarctica map
  • 5th

    largest continent on earth

  • 90%

    of the planet’s fresh water

  • 1,000

    Gentoo Penguins colonize our Breezy swimsuit

  • 1.9km

    the average thickness of Antarctica’s ice sheets

  • -89.2°c

    the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth’s surface

Penguins of Antarctica

  • Emperor

    122 cm

  • Adélie

    60 cm

2 species of Penguins are truly native to Antarctica

  • Rockhopper

    55 cm

  • Chinstrap

    68 cm

  • Macaroni

    68 cm

  • Pengu

    71 cm

  • King

    95 cm

5 species of Penguins inhabit the Antarctic peninsula


  • Driest

  • Coldest

  • Windiest

  • Highest

Continent on

the Planet


  • The Largest

    desert on the face of the planet

  • The Only

    continent with no time zone

  • 80

    research stations around the continent

  • The Only

    continent with no native ants

  • As Big

    as 130% the size of Europe

  • 300

    lakes beneath the surface

  • Mount Erabus

    is the southernmost active volcano

  • The Only

    continent without any reptiles

  • 26

    Leopard seals live on our brilliant blue swimsuit