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Hi! we’re weekends at. We’ve created a new kind of swimwear 🧑🏽‍🔬🔮🔭🧬

One that’s better fitting, eye-catching, and made of eco-friendly materials.
Meet the good-times essentials that your wardrobe has been missing:


"A huge thank you for making these swim shorts"

Brian N. San Francisco, CA


"The colors are perfect. Looking forward to ordering more!"

Nathaniel B. Austin, TX


"You guys have a really special product/concept here and I'm so happy to have found you!"

Andrew H. Fort Lauderdale, FL


"We were so happy with the first swimsuit, we wanted to order a second one :)"

Christina G. Seattle, WA


"The coolest men's togs I've ever seen"

Nick K. Sydney, Australia