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Weekends at was formed in Tel Aviv in 2017 by former Olympic swimmer Guy Barnea, Animator Ron Nadel and Graphic designer Dovev Adar. 

Throughout his career and the years spent between Tel Aviv and California, Guy’s frustration with the lack of great options in men’s swimwear grew to a boiling point. When he returned to Tel Aviv, he met with renowned local animator Ron Nadel and his long-time colleague Dovev Adar who shared this frustration as men in the creative worlds who expect better-designed swimsuits.

The three set out to create a new experience and approach to men’s swim & leisure - one that is creative and story-driven, better designed, and inclusive. 

“We wanted to create a few editions of well-designed products that could be worn on the beach as well as in and around a city like Tel Aviv.”

Launching first with a direct to consumer online shop that ships worldwide, together with the local premium retailers. Later the brand opened concept pop-up shops in the heart of Tel Aviv and served the diverse stream of thousands of locals and international tourists who share a great taste of design and uplifting lifestyles.

Weekends at continued to expand globally with their first collaboration: an official 'Back To The Future’ edition with Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment.

Today, weekends at is worn around the world by extraordinary men from all fields: Athletes, Film actors and directors, Architecture, Design and fashion, Marketing and High-tech, among others.

Our vision is to create an inclusive premium experience that celebrates and inspires creativity, self-love, and feeling good.

We’re a feel-good brand, and we’re here for you.

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